Top 20 Adventure Fantasy Anime & TV Series Recommendations

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These are my own personal preferences, your taste may differ. The numbering of the series does not mean I rank them in the order of preference, more to help me keep track. I will also include links to watch online if possible. My taste is usually very broad and I tend to like most of what I’ve seen. So please know if I didn’t include a series, it’s most likely to be I haven’t seen it, rather than I didn’t like it.

1. Gurren Lagann

Seriously, this series has some of the most inspirational quotes, it really makes you feel that anything is possible. Quotes like “Who the hell do you think I am” and “Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in me, who believes in you!” – anytime I’m feeling like something is impossible, I just have to think of this anime, this quote – to feel that I have what it takes. This is a really rare quality in a series, that alone makes this series a top recommended series.

2. Xuan Yuan Sword 3 – Rift of the Sky

This series is like freaking legendary! It really is the type of series I hope more people will make, and know about. It has a great story, lovable characters, fantasy/magic, action, suspense, comedy and romance. What’s not to like? This is based on an RPG game, so the main theme of the story is collecting a sacred artifact. I love this because you get to see the characters develop and change, as well as exciting things in the story unfold. This is my favorite type of series. Of course, the amazing battles and magic is a bonus!

3. Digimon

This anime is my childhood and will always be one of the most memorable series I’ve seen. I love the depth of the characters, that was what really grabbed me when I was young, and still does today. I love that each character has a background, and we see them learn things about each other and themselves. I also love how this series is focused on friendship/teamwork, and not giving up. I love all seasons, by the way, but my favorite season will always be Tamers.

4. Seven of the Sky

If every romance story is like this, I doubt people would ever think bad about it. Seriously, this series is like one of my all time favorites, it truly changed my life in some ways, about love especially. It’s not your typical love story, but it’s one of the most meaningful pieces of work I’ve seen. It shows the motivation behind characters and what they would do for love, and what they are willing to fight for. It’s my guide to life – that’s how much it means to me. I also connect to these characters so much and truly feel for them, I also love every single inspirational philosophy this series offers. This is a must-watch!

5. Naruto

This anime is addicting. I love it beyond doubt! I really love Naruto as a character, I really think he is a great person and I love the way he talks to people and try to bring them to the right side. I love how this show talks a lot about good and evil and the reason behind that choice. This anime is just so easy to understand, I love the happy training moments as much as the serious moments. It really is one amazingly well done series.

6. Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008

This is so absolutely epic, firstly and most importantly, this show has one of the best freaking female character in the entire universe – Huang Rong, who’s intelligent, smart, witty, cute, playful and everything more, it has an unforgettable story about love and hate, revenge, seeking power and training, and seeing the main protagonist go from not knowing any fighting skills to becoming powerful, all thanks to Huang Rong. The thing I absolutely adore in this series is Huang Rong, she is everything that a female character should be. She’s not only a fighter, she’s so absolutely cunning. She’s saved the guys, she actually proves her contribution by using her wits and intelligence to save the day. She is such a major part of the story that so many would not be the way they are without her. She is the type of female character every series should have. Huang Rong is forever one of the all time best female characters on the planet. If you’re tired of seeing females pushed to the back being the damsel in distress, you’re gonna love her so f**king much cos she rocks so much!

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

The moment I laid my eyes on this anime, I loved it. I think it was the characters, they were just so lovable in their own ways. This is one of the few series that it would be nearly impossible to choose a favorite character because I love them all. The story is so cool too, and moves in a very nice and easy to understand way. I could watch 20 episodes in a day. I loved the friendship between the guys, they are all so different but work so well together.

8. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

OMG! This is the ultimate fast-paced action series! With every arc having its own short story and the main plot is a team of four doing things to help people, this sets up a very exciting action story and at the same time, explores the character’s back stories. I absolutely love this series, it’s all about righteousness. I love the characters a lot, they are all so individual, you’d immediately distinguish their personalities. This is just an overall great, fast faced series. Anyone who loves a good action should check this out!

9. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is an adorable anime, that has a really sweet love story. Although, the anime version was never finished – so reading the manga would probably be the best. I love the positive attitude of Tohru, and how she is after her mother died. She inspires me in some ways! I also enjoy the interaction between her, Kyo and Yuki, and always trying to guess who she will end up with! I love how the story unfolds with the real person behind the curse, and how Tohru faces up to him. It’s just such a wonderful series, sweet and heart warming. Another thing I love is the entire concept of the 12 Chinese Zodiac, it just makes it so mysterious and exciting.

10. Charmed

Charmed is one of the best American TV Shows I’ve ever seen. It has the best female characters and I love how it’s about a show that has three main leads who are females, and the show is about them kicking butt and vanquishing demons to save good people. I love that concept so much! I saw this back when I was very young, and to this day, it has been a memorable show that I love so much. I simply adore Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Prue. I also love the development of the characters, such as Piper and Paige. I also love the different stories over the eight years. If there is one amazing English fantasy TV Show that I’ll never forget, it’s Charmed.

11. Treasure Venture: Adventure of Swordgirl

This is definitely a nostalgic series. I saw this back in 2003 or something and always loved it, because Jianping, the main character is just so awesome! I love seeing her love develop with Ruohan, who has a secret behind his past. I love seeing how she went from a little hooligan to a heroine who knows what it means to be a hero – to be forgiving and understanding. I really do love this series, it talks about the value of love, friendship and forgiveness. I absolutely love the wise words about the bamboo philsophy, that it’s flexible, but firm and can’t break – which is how a hero’s heart should be, that they must appreciate every person’s life. This is just a wonderful series, so great that I actually subbed it myself!

12. Fullmetal Alchemist

I love this series, the story concept was very catchy! Immediately, it sets up a very interesting problem that has to be solved, to bring Al’s body and Ed’s arm back because they misused alchemy to try and bring their mother from the dead. I love the equivalent exchange concept, all the things they went through, their journey and sibling relationship. I also love the humor, how Ed gets so pissed when people call him short, haha! That I can relate. I also love how he hates drinking milk, because I also can’t stand drinking white milk like that. This series is simply great, and I’m talking about both the first version and Brotherhood! I will never forget the lucky day in Brisbane when we got to watch it live while it was airing with Vic Mignogna! That was a day to remember. I totally recommend this anime!

13. The Legend of Qin

This is the first ever Chinese Wuxia 3D Animation, and yes – season 1 and 2 graphics can’t match others, but seriously, the story is freaking amazing! The most astounding thing is, the story is told with a lot of historical context, but in a fantasy way and through the eyes of a young child. That never happens! This is the entire Qin Dynasty history and they make it so absolutely interesting and unique. I love how it talks about the damage war does, and the philosophy of the Mohist School, which is probably my favorite thing about the series. I love who Mohism was all about universal love and anti-war, and as you watch the series, you will slowly discover more and more about it. If people can look past the animation for seasons 1 and 2, the story will give you a great surprise, especially in season 3. Not only does it have all those elements, it has a great amount of awesome comedy and great characters!

14. The Mischievous Princess

This is a hilarious series! Anyone looking for a good comedy with a great story should watch this! Meet Situ Jing, known as Little Lobster, a little hooligan who dresses up as a boy! She appears to be very mischievous, but is actually kind hearted and wants to help the poor. She meets the Emperor and King of Yunnan without knowing their identities and became sworn brothers. They go through a lot of hilarious adventures, as well as more serious ones too. This is a great, relaxing series that will hook you and make you want more. My only suggestion is, skip the first 8 minutes if the random fight in the beginning doesn’t make as much sense. It gets really amazing afterwards!

15. Bleach

This is such a great series. I started this a long time ago and immediately, the story and comedy between the characters drew me in. I love the different types of swords and training in the series, how they all have their personalities and names. I really love seeing the story progress. Sometimes, it was so suspenseful and addicting I would watch so many episodes in a row.

16. Avatar – The Last Airbender

This is an awesomely animated series! I just love how happy-go-lucky and carefree Aang is, he is simply adorable (I don’t know why the people decided to change his personality in the movie version, but oh well!). It’s really nice to see how he learns all the bending skills. I also love how each book was based on a part of Asia, I thought that was just such a great idea – to have the fire, earth, wind and water. It was so great to see all these locations that were like Ancient China and other Asian countries!

17. Chinese Paladin 3

Oh man, there’s so much great things to say about this insanely fun, adventurous show! Chinese Paladin 3 is actually a prequel to Chinese Paladin that takes place 50 years earlier, I love this show because of Jing Tian, he makes the whole thing hilarious. I’ve always thought of Chinese Paladin 3 as a humorous show because of him. It’s like the source of happiness and joy! Also, I really love how they slowly uncover things about their past, even past lives. The mythologies and magic just makes me so happy, it fulfills my ultimate fantasy ego. Also, a bonus is all the females and males are brilliant actors and they look amazing, as well as the costumes being superb.

18. Shugo Chara

God I love this anime! It is so well drawn, and has such a great story about the heart’s egg and how each one of us have one, our would be selves. I love how this series talks about being our true selves – one the person discovers that, their little egg is born! This anime is honestly so inspirational! I especially love Amu, I think she would be my favorite female anime character so far, she always has something nice and inspiring to say to help people, and I love all her gorgeous outfits, especially the pink one! I also love her adorable little sister, Ami, love her so much! This anime inspires me a lot, it’s absolutely worth checking out and is one of the best I’ve seen.

19. Trigun

What a great anime! I loved it the moment I saw the main character, Vash. Although he is skillful/strong, but he’s a very soft hearted person, he didn’t want to hurt anyone and really wanted peace and love. That was something really rare to see in the main hero and I think it’s what heroes should be, and he had the spirit of one! I also love how he can be really funny as well. It was amazing seeing the story unfold about him, I totally recommend this anime to anyone!

20. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This is adorable! How could anyone not love this? It’s just so sweet and makes people happy! I love the bright colors, each pony is so adorable and awesome in their own ways and have their own personality. Most of all, the thing I love most is they always have a lesson on friendship in the end, some even I could benefit from. It just reminds me of all the good things in life that I should be so grateful towards. Some of these lessons are so simple, yet true and sometimes, we all need to be reminded. I really love and appreciate a show talking mostly about friendship and is just so positive and happy, that anyone who had a bad day could feel better after watching this.

And this is all the top 20 series for now! Every single series I’ve mentioned has made an amazing impression on me and I love it muchly! I will be updating this to possibly top 25 or 50 once I have seen more and can recommend more. Meanwhile, do check these series out and enjoy!

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