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Cats in Anime are some of the cutest creatures ever! I go all crazy with excitement when I see them, and I’m dedicating this post for all the adorable kitties found in Anime. Some may have traits like a cat but also look like something else.

Aria Shachou – Aria the Animation

Aria-shachou (President Aria) is the Aria company’s blue-eyed mascot cat. Aria-shachou is a plump but he still loves to climb on people’s head and shoulders. He’s very active and curious, loves being swung around in a bag and like all cats, detests baths and hairdryers. Aria-shachou adores Hime-shachou, the mascot of Hime-ya.

Nyanko-sensei – Natsume Yuujinchou

Nyanko-sensei is round, chubby and cute in his lucky cat form (maneki neko). He is white colored with a round orange and grey marking on the top of his head and back. He’s got black eyes and wears a red cat collar with a gold bell on his neck and has small red markings on his face.

Chiyo-chichi – Azumanga Daioh

Chiyo-chichi is an odd yellow cat creature who claims to be the father of Chiyo and appears to Osaka and Sakaki in their dreams. He can get angered easily and finds the color red discomforting. He’s unsure if he’s really a cat. He’s known as the “Father Cat” in the English dub.

Kamineko – Azumanga Daioh

Kamineko is the biting, evil cat from Azumanga Daioh. Occasionally, he can be seen on Sakai’s way to and from school. One day when Sakai tried to pet it, Kamineko lands his huge beartrap-like teeth on her hand. Tomo somehow was able to get a Kamineko plush, complete with bear trap teeth.

Maya – Azumanga Daioh

Maya is Sakaki’s pet Iriomote Mountain Cat. They met in Episode 21 on Iriomote Island when he was still a kitten. Maya tends to scare off the neighborhood cats and protecting Sakaki from Kamineko. In spite of being a wildcat, he is comfortable around people and even Tadakichi-san, and even let’s Sakaki bathe him. He once scratched Tomo because she was taunting him, but Sakaki tapped him on the head and told him not to scratch people.

Neco Coneco – Azumanga Daioh

Neco Coneco is a popular stuffed animal franchise that appears frequently in the series, an example of that is a white cat with a white kitten sitting on its head. Sakaki adores it, much as she does all cats. During the class trip to Okinawa, Sakaki buys an Iriomote Cat version of Neco coneco. Conventional romanization spelling of the pronunciation yields “neko koneko” (cat & kitten);.

Blair – Soul Eater

Blair from Soul Eater is a cat with a lot of magical powers. At first, she was mistaken as a witch, but later she explicitly states that she’s just a mere cat. Later on, she was revealed to be a Cat Monster in the Manga. In her cat form, she’s adorable and black, with big yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail, but she wears a smaller version of her witch’s hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern’s face.

Catbus – My Neighbor Totoro

The Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro directed by Hayao Miyazaki is a large creature that looks like a grinning male cat with a hollow body that serves as a bus, complete with windows and seats coated with fur, and a large bushy tail.

Chi – Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home is an adorable gray and white kitten with black stripes who wandered away from her mother and got lost in the park and was found by a young boy, Youhei, who took care of her. Chi represents a kitten very realistically, especially by her curious nature and the way she moves. She gets distracted very easily and loves small moving objects. She gets scared easily by other animals such as dogs.

Katsuki – Clannad

A cat is often seen in Clannad which accompanies Misae. Later, this cat was revealed to be Katsuki – granting Misae’s wish. It turns out that Katsuki received Misae’s kindness in a hospital and always wanted to repay her, but died before he could do it and entrusted this mission to his cat, who took a human form.

Kyo – Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma is cursed by the spirit of the cat of the zodiac and shares some traits with cats. He dislikes water (hates swimming/going to the beach), his mood changes with rainy weather, he becomes restless, moody, tired and agitated. He doesn’t like tight clothing, especially around the neck, and likes drinking milk, dreaming of fish and hates leeks. Kyo has orange hair, like orange fur on cats. His eyes seems to become silt-like when his cat spirit stirs in him, for example when he gets angry.

Happy and Carla – Fairy Tail

Happy is a small blue Exceed (cat-like beings) with a white underbelly with a rectangular head, with pink ears, big black eyes with small, thin eyebrows, and light blue cheeks marks near to his tiny whiskers. Happy is very loyal to his teammates and fellow guild members and has a fairly large knowledge of the magic world. He is quick-witted and cheeky, however, Happy sometimes shows little bits of a darker nature, especially when making a comment on the devastating aspects of the magic of his comrades.

Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes, which are smaller than Happy’s eyes. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail. Carla is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions.

Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji is Kiki’s cute and quirky talking cat that’s completely black in color expect for his big white eyes. He cares for Kiki a lot and is shown he even pretended to be a doll under the abuse of a very bad child just so that he could help Kiki. Later, Jiji got married to the sophisicated cat next door and the pair started their own cat family.

Kirara – Inuyasha

Kirara is a cat demon that’s usually a small kitten-sized feline with two tails. She does have two forms howver: one of a small kitten, and one of a large cat resembling a saber-toothed tiger. Kirara likes to eat cat food, treats, fish, and play with cat toys. She also has cat-like weaknesses too. Kirara is shown to be very intelligent as well as sentient. She’s fiercely loyal to Sango but with time she shows loyalty to all members of the group.

Kuro – Love Hina

With the abllity to fly, Kuro possesses uniquely large ears and is able to talk in the anime. In the anime she offered conversation and advice to Kanako as she fretted over her longing to be with her stepbrother. Kuro’s arrival is usually announced by the sound of the bell tied to her tail.

Kuroneko – Trigun

Kuroneko is a black cat which reappears in the background of the anime and manga. She appears in every episode of the anime, though Kuroneko-sama only had one instance of plot significance, having stopped Wolfwood from cheating in a game of chess in episode 11. Nightow has stated that she is just something easy and calming to draw in between action scenes.

Kyubey – Madoka Magica

I don’t know if Kyubey is a fox, cat or something else, but she certainly has cat traits, so she’s included. Kyubey is a “Messenger of Magic” who grants the wishes of young girls, but in exchange contracts their services as Magical Girls. Girls who form a contract with him are tasked to defeat Witches — bizarre entities that feed upon the hopes and dreams of normal people.

Nya – Pita Ten

Nya is the little black cat that is always with Shia. In both the anime and the manga he is named Nya by Misha and although he insists that it isn’t his real name. Nya despises Sasha (the feeling is mutual), and in both versions he is a full demon.

Nyamsus – Nyan Koi

Nyamsus is a huge, fat cat owned by Junpei’s family. She is well known and most cats around Junpei’s neighborhood see her as an older sister figure. She reveals (to herself) that she is very much grateful of Junpei since Junpei gave her a home, going so far as to beg in front of his mother while crying and ignoring his allergies. Nyamsus greatly cares for Junpei but shows this subtly like when she claims ownership of the living room so as to prevent Junpei from sleeping in it and catching a cold.

Sakamoto – Nichijou

Sakamoto is a black cat with a red scarf and narrow iris that was found by Nano Shinonome and Hakase. Sakamoto acts like a middle-aged man. Sakamoto tends to act helplessly like a common cat when the situation calls for it. Sakamoto enjoys what other cats likes to enjoy, such as playing with toys. However, he tries to hide it from Hakase and Nano so as to avoid being seen as immature. This, of course, sometimes fails.

Shamisen – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shamisen is a male calico cat. A former stray, he was picked up by Haruhi in order to play a role in The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00. He now lives with Kyon.

Ryo-Ohki – Tenchi Muyo!

Ryo-Ohki is a cabbit: A cross between a cat and a rabbit because she absolutely adores carrots and can only communicate by meowing. She’s playful by nature and got big gorgeous ears.

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